Name: Tim Hanley

Spouse: Deb

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Ministry Area: Evangelism

Year Called: 2013

More Information: Tim and Deb Hanley minister the Gospel in the Columbia, South Carolina area known as the Midlands. They have been married for 43 years and have two sons, both married, and three grandchildren who all live in the area.

In 2013, after twenty years of pastoral ministry in two Midlands PCA churches, the Lord called Tim to minister with PEF as an evangelist with a ministry of visioning and equipping the Church of the Midlands through revival prayer, revival preaching, and evangelism. Tim has spent the last five years preaching and sharing the Gospel and challenging local churches and pastors to corporate and personal revival prayer, evangelism, and discipleship training. He has ministered alongside John Smed (Prayer Current) training churches in Kingdom prayer and evangelism; with Perry Bowers (Focused Living) discipling and evangelizing men; and he has mentored/discipled several evangelists in the area.

The last two years have been a great gift: Tim has struggled with sciatica resulting in major back surgery in March of 2016. An unexpected outcome of the surgery has been very painful peripheral neuropathy in his legs and feet and continued sciatica on the left side, though the surgery helped relieve this somewhat. Tim has pressed into the Lord and spent much time in prayer and mentoring evangelists, building evangelism teams, and ministering to the Church and many pastors, often from a prone position. Through these trials, the Lord has exposed the idolatry of doing Christ’s work Tim’s way, glory-thieving, and orphan-thinking resulting in experiencing the Gospel of amazing grace and love of the Father in the Lord Jesus as a beloved son.

Please ask the Lord for continued healing of the damaged nerves in Tim’s body, but more importantly, that they both learn to be continually filled with the Spirit, worship in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit, walk and be led by the Holy Spirit whether there is healing or not. Also, please pray for more fruit from evangelism efforts, and more open doors to do Kingdom prayer training and evangelism/discipleship training. Thanks so much for standing with them for the glory of the Lord Jesus and His Gospel.

Contact Information:

E-Mail: timh@OneChurchAblaze.org

CELLPHONE: 803.960.3043