Name: Bill Nikides

Spouse: Cheryl Meredith Nikides

Location: Rocky Mountain Presbytery (PCA)

Ministry Area: Church planting and leadership

Year Called: 1999 ordained as PCA teaching elder; 1999 commissioned as missionaries in PCA (MTW); commissioned by PEF 2014

Current Ministry: church planting to four denominations (PCA-Great Plains Gathering), Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh (PCB), Turkish Protestant Reformed Church (TPRK), International Presbyterian Church (IPC).


B&C Newsletter 22 Jan 2018.pdf

B&C Newsletter European News.pdf

B&C newsletter GPG March 2016.pdf

B&C newsletter April 2015.pdf

B&C IPC Nov 2014.pdf

Thanksgiving 2010 Newsletter.pdf


Risky Business: Contextualization and Bible Translation for Islamic Cultures

The Perfect Storm - i2 Conf 2011.pdf

The Emergence of Insider Movements (August 2011).pdf

Rediscovering the Church: WRF Conference, Istanbul 2011.pdf

One-ist Missiology and Insider Movements (January 2011).pdf

Lost in Translation - i2 Conference 2010.pdf

Integrity Issue: Theologically Reflecting on Rebecca Lewis’s “The Integrity of the Gospel and Insider Movements” IJFM 27.1 (Spring 2010).pdf

Winter Meditation with George Herbert (January 2010).pdf

Elders in Context (November 2009).pdf

Peacemaking Perspectives from a Peace-breaking Missionary.pdf (July 2009)

Global Church Global Mission, by Basil Grafas (June 2008)

Rediscovering the Revelational Church.pdf (March 2007)

Evaluation of Scriptural Support for Insider Movements, by Basil Grafas (January 2007).pdf

Insider Movements: An Evangelical Assessment, by Basil Grafas.pdf

Big Bang Theory and Insider Movements.pdf

Calvin and Messianic Islam.pdf

Calvin and The Insider Movement WEST Version.pdf

Super-sizing Jesus: Enlarging the Incarnation in Contemporary Missiology, by Basil Grafas (2007)

Positioned at the Crossroads: A Global Church Perspective.pdf (September 2006)

Islamism: The Evolving Conundrum.pdf August 2004


Conference: Prof. Bill Nikides, Islam: the greatest challenge