Phin Hitchcock



Name: Phin Hitchcock

Spouse: Jan

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Ministry Area: Ministry Centers

Year Called: 1992

Current Ministry: Phin directs the job skills program

with Fireside Ministries, coordinates the violin program at

Heritage Academy, coordinates the volunteer construction

crews for Heritage Academy and Christ Community Health

Clinic, and has been appointed as Chairman of the Board

at Heritage Academy. Jan serves as a principal and teacher

at Heritage Academy.

See the Heritage website:

Ministry Description: Fireside Ministries began in 1992

by Phin and Jan Hitchcock in order to facilitate ministry to at

"risk families" in the inner city of Augusta.  They are functioning

under the authority and direction of Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship located in Bristol, VA.  Various ministry activities include:  evangelism, job skill training, teaching with Heritage Academy, financial counseling with "at risk" families, facilitating the violin and music program at Heritage Academy, coordinating volunteer groups in renovation of Houghton School, and helping with the greenhouse and gardening projects at Lyndale Schools, Inc.


Family Information: Jan and I have been married for 39 years.  We have 3 grown children.  Our daughter Rebecca is married to Kevin Coley; our son Chris is married to Kelly Watts; and our son Stephen is married to Kendall Cox.  We have 6 grandchildren.Their names are Michael Hitchcock (11), Will Hitchcock (9), and John Reid Hitchcock (5), Watts Hitchcock (2), Cate Coley (7), Anna Claire Coley (5).

Contact Information:

2313 Laurel Ln.
Augusta, GA 30904