Name: Tom Meekins

Spouse: Julie

Location: We physically live in Lynchburg, Virginia but our outreach is throughout the United States and all over the world.

Ministry Area: Parent Ministry

YeaR Called: 1997

YeaR Called to PEF: 2015

Current Ministry: March Forth Family where we work to Equip and Empower all parents and especially those who are raising complex children by coming alongside them with biblical parenting, child development, and nutrition coaching.

More Information: In 1995 our fourth child was born not breathing. Soon after she was diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome and given this prognosis: “she will be blind, deaf, and mentally retarded, probably will not walk, talk or eat by mouth.” Thus began an amazing

God story not only for her but for our entire family. You can find out more about it here: www.MarchForthFamily.com/about

Soon after Amy’s birth, our only son – two years older than Amy – began to exhibit behavior struggles and health concerns. Those issues created learning struggles. Joshua is another incredible God story.

Through raising Amy and Josh and their two older sisters, Rebecca, and Katie, we learned much about God’s incredible faithfulness and much about child development, biblical parenting, and nutrition.

God began to tug on our heartstrings for ministry to other parents whose children were struggling and in 1997 and 1998 we organized two special needs conferences at what was then our home church, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis. All through the next 17 years, God gave us many opportunities to coach other parents officially and unofficially.

Then in 2010, God called us to work full time to bring the message “it is never too late and there is always hope” through mentoring/coaching parents with biblical parenting, child development, and nutrition skills.

We have been able to reach many parents with our information and coaching support and are compelled with a fire in our bellies to do whatever we can to continue this important and vital work in families.

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Contact Information:

Email: MarchForthFamily@gmail.com

Website: www.MarchForthFamily.com


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