Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship


PEF, The Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, is a nonprofit faith mission whose purpose is to practice, train and equip God's people to do Biblical Evangelism, anywhere, anytime with anyone. Read our statement of belief for a summary of the biblical teachings that shape our ministries.

PEF is part of a movement - evangelistic, Biblical, Reformed in faith - with boldness and compassion.

The PEF Center in Bristol, TN, houses our administrative team. The USA TEAM is spread across many states, and the International TEAM labors in twenty-five nations and two regions beyond our domestic borders.

PEF offers many resources to your congregation through our various ministries. PEF will gladly serve as a resource for your church or group!

Don't miss our Conference, an annual weeklong family evangelism conference in the Northeast Tennessee area, with activities planned for every age group.

If you would like more information on how to get involved with PEF, please click here to e-mail the office.


What is Presbyterian evangelistic fellowship?

Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship currently has over 50 TEAM Members in the United states and 43 in various countries.

Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship - 100 5th St. Suite 330, Bristol, TN 37620 - 1-800-CALL-PEF

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                                        Are you looking for coaching in increased

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Some highlight points to be covered are:

  1. Discover the #1 mistake fundraisers make when trying to raise money for any new ministry.

  2. Learn the 3 steps you can take immediately to eliminate that old fear of “asking for the money”.

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